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Ulysses S. Grant, Chromolithograph by Middleton

Middleton’s U. S. Grant in Uniform
Portrait Print


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U. S. Grant chromolithograph in its original gold gilt frame. The colors are warm, yet bright; the fabric of Grant’s uniform has an especially tactile quality.

The frame is particularly handsome and bright for these pieces, with many Victorian symbols.

Very minor spotting and one small wrinkle; else one of the better ones we’ve handled. This will sparkle on any wall.

Middleton is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of chromolithography in America; this bust portrait of Ulysses S. Grant, in uniform clearly shows why.

Chromolithography became the most successful of several methods of color printing developed by the 19th century. Often called “poor man’s oils,” the initial technique involved the use of multiple lithographic stones, one for each colorIt is oil based lithography, printed on paper laid over canvas.  Although much less expensive than a painting, but was still rather expensive in order to produce the best quality results.

The growing middle class, as well as a strong connection to the war, fueled the nation’s desire for these decorative and commemorative wall objects.  Lincoln and Grant were the most popular, with George Washington and William T. Sherman coming in next.

Chromolithograph Grant, Ulysses S.  Cincinnati: E. C. Middelton, 1866. oval, 22″ x 20″ (sight).

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