Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, 1st ed, Extra Illustrated


Grant’s Memoirs-With Signatures!

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The Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, rebound in black leather, with autographs of Civil War personalities included.

The creator, Albert Edgerly, Ewas President of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society and a prominent lawyer in N.Y.; his library comprised over 2,500 volumes including these. Extra-Illustrated with Autograph Signatures pasted in.  Signatures included: 1) “W. T. Sherman / General” on Hd. Qr. Army of the  U. S. letterhead; 2) “The supremacy of law is liberty. / Jefferson Davis / Beauvoir, Missi. / 22d March 1882″ on slip of paper; 3)  “Your Truly / B. Harrison” clipped from the bottom of a letter with two end lines in his hand; 4)  “R. E. Lee” clipped signature from a check or document; 5)  “Geo. H. Thomas / Maj. Gen. U.S.A. / June 1, 1857″ clip from an autograph book; 6)  “W. T. Sherman / General / Washington, DC / March 12, 1877″ probably clipped from an autograph book; 7) “P. H. Sheridan / Lieut. General” on a card. A printed signature of Grant himself, with date, is also present, but could be replaced.

A beautiful set for the shelf, in excellent condition with the gilt bright.

Grant, Ulysses S.  PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF U. S. GRANT.  New York:  Charles L. Webster & Co., 1885.  1st edition; 2 volumes; maps intact.  Handsomely rebound in 3/4 -black morocco leather; gilt spine lettering and 4 shoulder-strap stars.   Copy of “James A(lbert) Edgerly” (1846-1908), signed in volume 2 with date, May 15, 1886.