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Volume of American Sheet Music, Hettie B. Foster, Compiler

Sheet Music Including Confederate & Chicago Pre-Fire Imprints!




Hettie B. Foster’s leather-bound collection of sheet music.

Like many 19th Century Americans Hettie Foster collected her favorite piano songs into a leather-bound volume, engraving her name on the front board in gilt lettering.

Foster’s favorites include three valuable Confederate imprints, plus a march published by the legendary Chicago music publishers Root & Cady, printed three years before the destruction of the city (and most of its printed material) by fire. George Frederick Root gained fame as the composer of many popular Civil War tunes, most notably Battle Cry of Freedom.

Sheet Music Including:

  1. J. N. Pattison. Le Lever du Soleil (sunrise) Mazurka Caprice… NY: Firth, Son, & Co., 1864. Dedicated to Mrs. James Gordon Bennett.
  2. The Piano Forte Player. Selected pieces Arranged as Piano Solos by Favorite Composers… L’Argentine Mazurka… NY: Wm. Hall & Son, n.d. Chicago publisher Root & Cady.
  3. Emmanuel Chol. Sauve qui peut. (Skedaddle) Polka Caractéristique Pour Piano… New Orleans: A. E. Blackmar, 1867.
  4. Theo. Von La Hache. The Bohemian Glass Blower… 2nd edition, op. 409. New Orleans: Blackmar & Co., (1860).
  5. Mack, E. Mozart’s Celebrated Oxen Waltz. Arranged for Piano. Philadelphia: Lee & Walker, 1868.
  6. Sparkling Gems: A Series of Popular and Brilliant Waltzes by Eminent Composers… The Romantic by Joseph Lanner. NY: Louis Grunewald, n.d.
  7.  Sparkling Gems: A Series of Popular and Brilliant Waltzes by Eminent Composers… Schonbrunner Waltz. Morning Star Waltz by F. Beyer. Mobile: J. H. Snow, n.d.
  8. Sparkling Gems: A Series of Popular and Brilliant Waltzes by Eminent Composers… Evening Star Waltz by F. Beyer.  Mobile: J. H. Snow, n.d.
  9. Wm. L. Hensler. Pennsylvania. Walse Sentimentale… New Orleans: A. E. Blackmar, 1862. (Parrish 7368).
  10. Marcailhou, G. Indiana: Grand Walse… Mayence, Anvers et Bruxelles, (1859).
  11. Fred Burgmuller. Souvenir de Ratisbonne: Grand Walse Brilliante Composée Pour Piano… Mayence, Anvers et Bruxelles, n.d.
  12. Schubert, Camille. Les Filles du Ciel (Heavan’s Messenger). Valses Brilliantes… Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., n.d.
  13. Gertrude’s Dream Waltz (Thranen Waltzer) Composed by Beethoven. N.p.: n.d
  14. Davis, A. Antoinette Waltz… New Orleans: Louis Grunewald, (1867).
  15. Souvenir of Galveston. No. 1. Fisherman’s Gallopade. Galveston: Augustus Sachtleben, n.d.
  16. Long, James W. The Artillery Galop. Introducing the popular Army Air of Benny Havens. Chicago: Root & Cady, 1868. (Chicago Pre-fire imprint).
  17. Parade Polka March, as Played by the N. O. Washington Artillery Band. Arranged by Theodore von La Hache. New Orleans: Louis Grunewald, 1861. (Parrish 7356).
  18. Peters, W. C. The Louisville March and Quick Step. Arranged for the piano Forte. New Orleans: E. P. Werlein & Co., n.d.
  19. Martin, T. J. Gen’l Persifor F. Smith’s March. Maryland: F. D. Benteen, 1848.
  20. Lignoski, B. R. The Battle of Palo Alto March and Quick Step… Baltimore: G. Willig, Jr., 1851. Dedicated to General Twiggs, U.S.A.
  21. La Rosalia. Nouvelle Musique pour les Quadrilles Lanciers. compose par Sr. Don Pedro de Herrera. New Orleans: Blackmar, 1863. (Not found in Parrish).

Binding is chipped with some loss; shaken hinges; lightly mottled boards; light chipping of extremities; text foxed, in some cases lightly, and in others heavily, but without chipping or loss. Overall Very good.

(Confederate Imprints) Bound volume of sheet music, labeled on front board Nettie B. Foster, 13” x 10 ½”, leather spine. Also includes other antebellum songs, and a Chicago Pre-Fire imprint.

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