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Warren E. Grabau, Ninety-Eight Days: A Geographer’s View of the Vicksburg Campaign, 1st ed.

A Scarce and Valuable Terrain Study


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Warren E. Grabau’s Ninety-Eight Days: A Geographer’s View of the Vicksburg Campaign is a remarkable accomplishment in interdisciplinary studies.

Grabau brings a professional scientist’s perspective to reading the terrain around Vicksburg. Grant’s campaign against Vicksburg has been studied from a number of perspectives – but always with the outcome in the foreground.

This documented history of the final phases of the Vicksburg Campaign, from March 29 through July 4, 1863, examines the actions of Union and Confederate commanders as they unfolded, reconstructing their decisions based only on what they knew at any given time.

In meticulous detail, Warren E. Grabau describes the logistical situation at key junctures during the campaign and explains how and why those situations constrained the choices available to Grant and Confederate commander John C. Pemberton.

Alternating between Confederate and Federal perspectives, he allows the reader to see the situation as the commanders did and then describes how the available information led to their decisions. Grabau examines not only topographic and hydrographic features but also strategic, intelligence, political, economic, and demographic factors that influenced the commanders’ thinking, and suggests that Grant had no actual campaign plan but was instead a master opportunist, able to exploit every situation.

Remarkably detailed maps reconstruct the terrain as it was at the time, and other supportive material includes Command Structures of the Federal and Confederate Forces in diagrammatic form as they stood at the beginning of the campaign. This is a monumental work that contributes substantially to our understanding of those military operations and demonstrates how crucial geography is to the conduct of war.

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Grabau, Warren E. NINETY-EIGHT DAYS: A GEOGRAPHER’S VIEW OF THE VICKSBURG CAMPAIGN. Knoxville: (2000). 1st ed., 680p.(approx.), maps.

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