William Tecumseh Sherman Color Lithograph Print, 1865


Sherman the Conqueror, in Bold Color!

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A striking triumphal lithograph of General William Tecumseh Sherman, produced at the frenzied height of his fame following the March to the Sea, and decisive campaign through the Carolinas. The artists, L.M. and Max Rosenthal, certainly had Sherman’s famed “Christmas Gift” pronouncement in mind as they brilliantly portrayed the Union’s conquering hero framed against the outlines of Savannah and Fort Pulaski, Georgia.

The mid-torso image of Sherman –looking like he’s ready to walk through a wall– is surrounded by the American flag, a garland of laurel bearing fruit, and many instruments of war– a bugle, sword, rifle, revolver, canon ball, and two siege guns pointed at Savannah, and the fort. Lithograph engraved by L. N. Rosenthal and then hand-colored and signed by Max Rosenthal.

A handsome and quite uncommon piece with the colors being fresh and bright.

(Sherman William T.) Rosenthal, L. N. (engraver, Philadelphia) & Rosenthal, Max (artist). Hand-Colored Lithograph of Major General William T. Sherman in Uniform. Phila.: Wm. Smith, 1865. 20 x 27 inches (sight); in a gold mid-20th century framed 28 x 35 inches (overall).

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