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Latest Acquisitions-More Under Browse The Shop.
Ritchie, Alexander. The First Reading of The Emancipation Proclamation. Proof

Carpenter, Francis (Artist) THE FIRST READING OF THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION BEFORE THE CABINET / From the original painted picture in the White House in 1864 / Premium Engraving from the Independent (printed title). NY: F. B. Carpenter, 1866 Steel Engraving by A. H. Ritchie. Magnificent original 5” wooden frame, with decorated gold fillet; 44-1/2″ x …READ MORE

Lincoln, Abraham. Bronze Bust by Franklin Simmons

Lincoln, Abraham.  Bronze Bust by Franklin Simmons. Herma style, 12” x 7” (sight) bearing recessed backstamp reading WM. MILLER & CO./METALLISTS/PROVIDENCE, RI. Signed “Simmons/Sculptor.”  Produced by the lost wax process, with deep chocolate patina.  Simmons was known for his commemorative portrait busts and life-size figural pieces.  Born in Lisbon, Maine, and raised in Bath, Maine.  He …READ MORE

Lincoln, Abraham. Bust by Leonard Volk

ABRAHAM LINCOLN BUST by Leonard Volk.  Chicago: 1860. Cast plaster. Signed “Lincoln from life / by L. W. Volk” on the rear. Beautiful plaster bust of Lincoln, known as the “draped” or “Romanesque” rendering. 32 inches high; 28 inches shoulder to shoulder. The last variation Volk produced from his 1860 life mask. From the mask, Volk …READ MORE

Painting and Plate Reunited!

Many of you noticed the printing plate for The Last Meeting of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville . We are happy to report that is has found a new home at the American Civil War Museum (formerly called The Museum of the Confederacy) in Richmond, VA.  Pictured here is Director of Operations Eric App (right) and  Robert Hancock, Director of Collections examining their latest …READ MORE

Join Us for Virtual Book Signing™

Harold Holzer joins us for a series of programs for his new book, Lincoln and the Power of the Press.   On October 30th, at 6:00pm, we will visit the Kenosha Civil War Museum in Kenosha, WI.  To learn more about the program visit their Events Page. On October 31st, at 11:30am, please join us at the …READ MORE

Join Us for Virtual Book Signing™

Join us on November 13th at 6:00pm (Central) when we welcome Richard Brookhiser and Jules Whitcover to the program. Richard will be discussing his new book, Founders Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln and Jules will be discussing his book, The American Vice Presidency.  Learn more about these books and order yours  here . Richard Brookhiser also joins us on November 12th, at …READ MORE