Special Announcement
A House Divided
Michael Burlingame
An American Marriage

This program is live on the book shop’s Facebook page. The Live Stream takes place on the day the book is released. You can order the book or learn more about it below. Abraham Lincoln was apparently one of those men who regarded connubial bliss as an untenable fantasy. During the Civil War, Lincoln pardoned a Union soldier ... Continue Reading
A House Divided
Timothy B. Smith
The Siege at Vicksburg

This program is live on the book shop’s Facebook page. The Live Stream takes place on the day the book is released.  You can order the book or learn more about it below. In The Siege of Vicksburg: Climax of the Campaign to Open the Mississippi River, May 23–July 4, 1863, noted Civil War scholar Timothy B. Smith ... Continue Reading
The Latest Book List & Catalog

Our stock of antiquarian books is larger than we can feature on the website. During usual times, we would have customers visiting the shop and these books would be finding new homes in collections everywhere. However these are not usual times. We endeavor to offer a new Book List every month. If you see something … Continue reading The Latest Book List & Catalog

Abraham Lincoln Book Shop Virtual Visit

You can have a Personal Shopping Experience via Zoom with Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. A curated, exclusive, personal shopping experience with our knowledgeable staff provides a safe and convenient opportunity to get meaningful gifts for the history lover on your list; or something exciting for yourselg. It’s easy to make your appointment. Just complete … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln Book Shop Virtual Visit

Lincoln’s Fly

This morning the media is all “abuzz” about a certain interloper to last night’s vice presidential debate. Although much less common than cats on a playing field, the fly is no stranger to photobombing politicians. Even Abraham Lincoln was not exempt. Take a close look at Lincoln’s pant leg to see another fly who earned … Continue reading Lincoln’s Fly

Abraham Lincoln Signatures – A Primer

People are always curious about Abraham Lincoln Signatures. Where do they come from? What makes one example a “starter signature” and another a once-in-a-lifetime find? In our latest video Daniel Weinberg shares examples of some of the most often seen types of Lincoln signatures. He also explains why knowing the differences can enhance your collecting … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln Signatures – A Primer

Quoting Lincoln… or Not…

Abraham Lincoln is one of the world’s most frequent victims of misattributed and inaccurate quotes. From the popular and folksy  “Whatever you are, be a good one”–probably paraphrased and usually attributed to William Makepeace Thackery–to President George H. W. Bush’s repeat of “Here I am-warts and all,” attributed to Oliver Cromwell; it seems everyone wants … Continue reading Quoting Lincoln… or Not…