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  • John G. Nicolay, Abraham Lincoln, pamphlet, 1st ed.

  • George Washington, Address of George Washington….on His Resignation

  • John F. Kennedy, Sam Houston and the Senate, Essay

  • Aaron Copland, Lincoln Portrait, Full Score, Signed

  • John H. Surratt, Life, Trial and Extraordinary Adventures of John H. Surratt…, Pamphlet

  • Ron Chernow, Grant, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen, Renegades Born In The USA, 1st Ed, Signed

  • Lincoln Douglas Debates, The Campaign in Illinois, Pamphlet

  • Timothy B. Smith, Corinth 1862, 1st edition, Signed

  • Timothy B. Smith, Shiloh: Conquer or Perish. 1st ed., Signed

  • Archer Jones, Confederate Strategy From Shiloh to Vicksburg, 1st ed.

  • David B. Williamson, Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, Campaign Biography

  • Elizabeth Leonard, Benjamin Franklin Butler, 1st ed.

  • Henry D. Capers, The Life and Times of C. G. Memminger, 1st ed.

  • Antietam Battlefield Board, Atlas of the Battlefield of Antietam, 1st ed.

  • Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park Commission, Atlas of Chickamauga and Vicinity, 1st ed.

  • Indiana World War Records, Gold Star Honor Roll, 1914-1918

  • Caroline Janney, Ends of War, Signed on Bookplate

  • Abraham Lincoln As Delegate to the Chicago River and Harbor Convention

  • Roger Lowenstein, Ways and Means, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne, Life of Franklin Pierce, 1st ed.

  • Henry J. Raymond & John Savage, The Life of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois

  • Jeffrey Frank, The Trials of Harry S. Truman, 1st Ed., Signed bookplate

  • Charles G. Dawes, A Journal of the McKinley Years 1893-1913, 1st ed., Signed & Inscribed

  • John Bigelow, Memoir of the Life and Public Services of John Charles Fremont, 1st ed.

  • Allan Pinkerton, History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln from Harrisburg, Pa. to Washington, D. C…

  • Charles G. Dawes, The First Year of the Budget of the United States, 1st ed.

  • Joe Biden, Promise Me, Dad 1st ed., Signed

  • Mark A. Lause, Price’s Lost Campaign and The Collapse of Price’s Raid, 2 volumes, 1st ed.

  • Jonathan White, A House Built By Slaves, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate