Revolutionary War/Birth of America

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  • George Washington, Address of George Washington….on His Resignation

  • Rogers Group, Washington

  • Elias Boudinot, Autograph Signature on Free Frank

  • John Hancock, Signature on Document

  • Jared Sparks, Correspondence of the American Revolution

  • Benjamin Franklin, M.T. Cicero’s Cato Major, or Discourse on Old Age, Fancy Binding

  • Frederick MacKenzie, Diary of Frederick Mackenzie, 1st ed., 2 vols

  • John T. Goolrick, The Life of General Hugh Mercer, 1st ed.

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    Don Higginbotham The War of American Independence

  • Carl Van Doren, Secret History of the American Revolution, Author’s Inscribed Copy

  • John Marshall, Free Frank Signature

  • Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton, 1st Ed, Signed on Mt. Vernon Bookplate

  • Arthur T. Abernathy, Did Washington Aspire to be King?

  • Irving Brant, James Madison, 6 volume Biography, 1st Eds.

  • Dale Van Every, The American Frontier 1st ed., 4 Vols

  • George Washington, 1932 Bicentennial Pageant of George Washington Set of Etchings

  • Edward Meany, Washington From Life

  • Elias Boudinot, Signature in An Account of the New York Hospital

  • Francis S. Hoffman, ed., Proceedings of a General Court Martial… for the Trial of Major General Lee, Ltd. Ed., Signed