Arthur T. Abernathy, Did Washington Aspire to be King?


Father or Monarch?


Arthur T. Abernathy’s Did Washington Aspire to be King?  analyzes that titular question.

This is a reprint if Arthur T. Abernathy’s commemorative address from 1906. The answer, of course, is a firm no, but the case is laid out.

The author was a preacher, editor, and educator. Walter Neale was an intrepid publisher, producing over 570 books, many dealing with the Civil War ““ and most are quite collectible. This work is number 2 in Robert K. Krick’s authoritative bibliography.

Very good; lightly rubbed only.

Abernathy, Arthur T. DID WASHINGTON ASPIRE TO BE KING? With an Address on Washington by Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, Governor of Pennsylvania. NY: The Neale Publishing Co., 1906. 1st edition; 65p.; frontispiece portrait, (Krick 2).