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Lincoln, Civil War, and U.S. Presidents

Steve Inskeep

Differ We Must: How Abraham Lincoln Succeeded in a Divided America

Airdate: 10/05/2023 @ 3:30 pm c

In Differ We Must, Steve Inskeep offers a  compelling and nuanced exploration of Abraham Lincoln’s political acumen, illuminating a great politician’s strategy in a country divided—and lessons for our own disorderly present. Click on the book to and to learn ... Read More

Ronald C. White, Jr.

On Great Fields: The Unlikely Heroism of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Airdate: 10/31/2023 @ 3:30 pm c

In On Great Fields, Ronald C. White brings us a cradle-to-grave biography of General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain–from his upbringing in rural Maine to his tenacious, empathetic military leadership and his influential post war public service. White explores a question that ... Read More

Dr. Elizabeth Varon

Longstreet: The Confederate General Who Defied the South

Airdate: 11/21/2023 @ 3:30 pm c

With Longstreet: The Confederate General Who Defied the South, Dr. Elizabeth Varon brings us the first biography in decades and the first to give proper attention to Longstreet’s long post-Civil War career.  Click on the book to learn more. Date and ... Read More

About A House Divided

A House Divided airs Live on the book shop’s Facebook page. People who are not Facebook users can watch there, too. Shortly after the program, you can watch at your convenience on Facebook, YouTube or at this website, under the A House Divided tab on the Previous Shows page.

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A House Divided began at Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. in 2005 when Daniel Weinberg created Virtual Book Signing.

Having offered well over 100 titles, the program features live-streamed interviews with leading authors in the subjects of Lincoln, U.S. Civil War, Presidential and Military History. Having specialized in these subjects since 1938, we are well-suited to offer entertaining and well-informed interviews of major authors in those fields.