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  • William H. Harrison, A Voyage to South America, Book, Signed

  • (World War II) U.S. Gov. Printing Office, Events Leading up to World War II…& Surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan…, pamphlets, Signed

  • George Henry Preble, Pamphlet Signed

  • Edward Achorn, The Lincoln Miracle, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Dr. Rita Roberts, I Can’t Wait to Call You My Wife, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • George Templeton Strong, The Diary of George Templeton Strong 1835-1875. 1st ed

  • Michael Zuckert, A Nation So Conceived, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Aaron Burr, The Private Journal of Aaron Burr, 1st ed., Inscribed and Signed by Publisher

  • Bradley M. Gottfried, The Maps of Gettysburg: An Atlas of the Gettysburg Campaign, June 3 – July 13, 1863., 1st ed., Signed

  • Andrew Boyd, Abraham Lincoln: Foully Assassinated…A Poem with an Illustration from Punch, Extra Illustrated

  • Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove, 1st ed., Signed & Inscribed

  • Thomas Robson Hay, Hood’s Tennessee Campaign. 1st ed.

  • Aaron Burr, The Private Journal of Aaron Burr, Original MSS Ed, with Ephemera

  • Abraham Lincoln as Inventor, Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1849…

  • Albert J. Beveridge, Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858, Manuscript Edition

  • James G. Randall, Constitutional Problems Under Lincoln, 2nd Ed.

  • James Sprunt, Derelicts: An Account of Ships Lost at Sea…Along the North Carolina Coast 1861-1865

  • John Pope, The Campaign in Virginia, of July and August, 1862, pamphlet

  • William Law, An Extract from a Letter Written by the Late William Law, pamphlet

  • Thomas L. Snead, The Fight for Missouri, 1st edition

  • John F. Kennedy, Sam Houston and the Senate, Essay

  • John H. Surratt, Life, Trial and Extraordinary Adventures of John H. Surratt…, Pamphlet

  • Archer Jones, Confederate Strategy From Shiloh to Vicksburg, 1st ed.

  • Henry D. Capers, The Life and Times of C. G. Memminger, 1st ed.

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne, Life of Franklin Pierce, 1st ed.

  • Henry J. Raymond & John Savage, The Life of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois

  • Charles G. Dawes, A Journal of the McKinley Years 1893-1913, 1st ed., Signed & Inscribed

  • John Bigelow, Memoir of the Life and Public Services of John Charles Fremont, 1st ed.

  • Allan Pinkerton, History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln from Harrisburg, Pa. to Washington, D. C…

  • Charles G. Dawes, The First Year of the Budget of the United States, 1st ed.