Textile, Souvenir of the Great White Fleet


Good Will, American Might, and Sailor Training

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These textiles were produced as a souvenir for sailors visiting the Far East during Admiral Dewey’s Great White Fleet adventure, sent by President Theodore Roosevelt to project American naval power to Asia; eventually the fleet sailed around the world. 

This particular panel was made for one “R. Morris” who served on the S. S. Minnesota, which is depicted at the bottom.  Also embroidered are the words, “In memory of my cruise in Philippines, China, Japan.” 

Excellent, unblemished condition with the colors still quite bright.  Handsomely framed. 

(Textile) Japanese embroidered silk panel.  This illustrative work depicts an eagle (with a glass eye) and the motto of the United States. 22″ x 19″ (sight); 26-1/2″ x 23-1/2″ (overall).