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New Presidential & New Lincoln Bibliographies

We are excited to share our Presidential Book Shelf  and Essential Lincoln Book Shelf Bibliographies, updated for 2015.

The body of work for both subjects can be daunting and overwhelming. These tools are designed to help you know what to read about both subjects. We don’t expect everyone to agree with our choices, though this list does represent the consensus of leading authorities in these fields scholarship. We accept responsibility for the final choice.

You, the collector, can make your own rules:  you may acquire these books for reading pleasure only, or you may wish to assemble a collection of first and limited editions, perhaps adding manuscript material as well.

We suggest that you download these guides, mark what you need, and return it to us as a “want list” for our files.  We will then prepare a special quotation for you of the requested titles in stock, following up with future quotes as other desired books become available.  Enjoy building your library!

See the Essential Presidential Book Shelf

See the Essential Lincoln Book Shelf