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A Full Set of Lakeside Classics! Tough to find in any condition.

Since Christmas 1903, The R. R. Donnelley printing company has given out a present of a fine book, handsomely printed, and bound in a size that encourages reading (great for travel, too). With a few exceptions of original publications, each is a reprint of a classic in 18th or 19th century American historical literature. Each includes a new, interpretive introduction.

The early subjects are wide-ranging, encompassing Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and William Penn’s Fruits of Solitude, through presidential inaugurals and great American speeches, on into early Illinois and Chicago history. Then the bulk of the titles concern the advancing American frontier and Western history, military life, and experiences with the Indians–including personal memoirs, travels, and first-hand accounts. Most are classics in their fields.

The books are bound in various cloth colors in 25-year increments, green being the earliest and most difficult to find, with red, blue, brown, and teal.  The latest color beginning the new century with T. R. Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. There is a wealth of fine American historical reading here, and this highly collectable set makes a handsome-looking addition to any library. A full title listing and condition report is available upon request.

Full Set of The Lakeside Classics. The Lakeside Press, R. R. Donnelley & Sons, 1903-2019. 117 volumes; 4.5 x 6.75 inches each.