Bess Truman, Typed Letter, Signed

Bess Truman Bossy, But Not the Boss


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Bess Truman sends and signs a Thank You Note.

In full:

“Thank you so much for sending me the clipping from your paper about Margaret’s visit to London. It is a nice article and I am glad to have it for Margaret’s scrapbook…With thanks again for all the nice things you say about Margaret.”

It is said that Harry Truman called Bess “The Boss,” and Margaret “The One Who Bosses the Boss.”


Truman, Elizabeth (“Bess”) W. T.L.S., “Bess Truman”, as First Lady, 1 pg., 8vo, July 5, 1951, on imprinted, “219 North Delaware, Independence, Missouri” stationery; to Mrs. Loveland.