Lady Bird Johnson, Typed Letter, Signed


The First White House to Use the IBM Selectric!


Lady Bird Johnson signs a typed letter addressed to Mrs. E. Weist in Florida.

Mrs. Johnson writes in part: “How nice it was for you to recall that day at Ft. Wayne Baer Field — it hardly seems possible that four years have slipped by and it is “that time” again. Lady Bird goes on to thank Mrs. Weist for the support, and expresses appreciation from both her and her husband. Lyndon Johnson visited Ft Wayne in September 1960, while campaigning as Vice President.

Two thinned spots in text on the first paragraph,  glue remnants on verso, usual folds.

Johnson, Lady Bird. Typed Letter, signed, Washington, Sept. 11, 1964, 8vo., 8 3/4″ x 6 1/2″.