Abraham Lincoln

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  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination, Laura Keene Costume Fragment

  • Lincoln Campaign Print, Hand-colored Lithograph

  • John H. Surratt, Life, Trial and Extraordinary Adventures of John H. Surratt…, Pamphlet

  • Lincoln Family, Calling Cards

  • Lincoln Douglas Debates, The Campaign in Illinois, Pamphlet

  • David B. Williamson, Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, Campaign Biography

  • Elmer Ellsworth, Hand-Colored Memorial Lithograph

  • Elmer Ellsworth, Hand-Colored Lithograph

  • Abraham Lincoln, Bust by Unidentified Artist

  • Abraham Lincoln As Delegate to the Chicago River and Harbor Convention

  • Henry J. Raymond & John Savage, The Life of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois

  • Allan Pinkerton, History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln from Harrisburg, Pa. to Washington, D. C…

  • George E. Bissell, The Emancipator, Bronze Statuette, Signed, 16 1/2″

  • George E. Bissell, The Emancipator, Bronze Statuette, Signed, 8 1/2″

  • Abraham Lincoln, Gutzon Borglum bust, Modern-era Reproduction

  • Abraham Lincoln Bust, John Rogers

  • Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Chester French Bust, Modern Reproduction

  • Jonathan White, A House Built By Slaves, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • John Avlon, Lincoln and the Fight for Peace, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Walter Stahr, Salmon P. Chase, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Lincoln Funeral Train Schedule on Silk, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, matted

  • Michael Anderegg, Lincoln and Shakespeare, 1st ed.

  • Noah Feldman, The Broken Constitution, 1st ed., Signed Bookplate

  • Jonathan White, To Address You as My Friend, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Leroy Neiman, Lincoln Serigraph, circa 1968

  • Norman Rockwell, Lincoln for the Defense, Signed Artist’s Proof

  • Noah Andre Trudeau, Lincoln’s Greatest Journey, Unique to Our Shop!

  • Hirsch, David & Van Haften, Dan, Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason, 1st ed. Signed on Bookplate

  • Rae Eighmey, Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen, Smithsonian Ed.

  • Seth Grahame Smith, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, 1st ed., Signed