Abraham Lincoln, Modern Albumen Photograph, O-116


Lincoln’s Last Photograph

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Abraham Lincoln, contemporary albumen photograph, 20th Century creation of the last formal photograph of Lincoln, O-116.

Authentic whole plate albumen photograph, derived from the original collodion wet plate stereo glass negative (left-hand image). Placed on authentic gold-toned, handmade albumen paper (as intended for the plate) with an 1863 emulsion recipe. Only original techniques, cameras, enlargers, and processes were used.

Here is a relaxed Lincoln at his last formal sitting.  A pencil and his spectacles are blurry in his fidgeting hands, while a smile graces his war-worn countenance.  There is detail in this photo which you have not seen before:  the true hollowness of Lincoln’s cheek; the second book on the desk; the starchy folds in his shirt; the clarity of his watch fob; the veins in his hand; and scratches on the armrest, Lincoln’s coat draped over it.

Gardner, Alexander. Abraham Lincoln. Albumen Photograph, Contemporary Reproduction. Derived from the original collodion wet plate stereo glass negative, c1998; O-116, 14″ x 15″, ltd ed. of 10.