Alonzo Brooks, 95th Illinois Soldier, Albumen Photo


Served With Albert D.J. Cashier!

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An albumen photograph of Alonzo Brooks, 95th Illinois Soldier.

These Rockford-area men joined in the late summer of 1862, and served in the western theater through the end of the war, seeing action at Vicksburg, the Red River Campaign, the campaigns in Northern Mississippi, and Mobile. 

One of Brooks’ comrades in arms was the famous female imposteur, Albert D. J. Cashier.

Light chip from frame; light (incomplete?) graphite toning on Brooks’ coat, hair, and background; small gouges; four small gouges including one that partially mars Brooks’ eyebrow and forehead.

(Illinois)  Lieutenant Alonzo Brooks.  Half Plate Oval Albumen Photo, 10 1/2″ x 9″ framed.  A handsome albumen photo of a first lieutenant in Company K, 95th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.  

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