Emancipation Proclamation, Proclamation of Emancipation, Print


A Scarce Print, Issued in Lincoln’s Lifetime

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This Proclamation of Emancipation print features Lincoln’s portrait centered at the top beneath a spread-winged eagle and American flags. The sides are populated with assorted vignettes which contrast the horrors of slavery versus the anticipated post-war period of commerce, agriculture and education for the freed slaves.

A very scarce version issued while Lincoln was still President.

“The bottom has a view of Fort Sumter in Flames while six more scenes ornament the left and right borders.  Those at the left portray slavery and those at the right portray freedom.” ““ Ebersdadt.

(Dimmick, R. A.)  (Broadside)  PROCLAMATION OF EMANCIPATION (in streamers surrounded by eagle, flags, portrait of Lincoln, and dates 1861 and 1863) / By the President of the United States of America. / Whereas”¦. / (facsimile signature:) A. Lincoln / By the President”¦.  Approx. 17-1/4 x 22-1/4 inches.  N.Y.:  C. A. Alvord, printer, 1864.  Eberstadt #21. 

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