Francis Bouclet, Presidents of the United States Chromolithograph


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This Francis Bouclet Chromolithograph colorfully illustrates the first sixteen United States Presidents. Each president is shown in an oval bust portrait, arranged around ornate oval framework, with Washington at the top and a beardless Lincoln (from his “Cooper Union” photo) at the bottom. The central oval shows Columbia holding a liberty cap on a pole and a stars-and-stripes shield; a bald eagle w/arrows is at her side, a steamship and the U.S. Capitol dome behind her. The president’s names and administration dates are printed near the bottom. This print was made to honor Lincoln’s first inauguration but proved difficult to sell, owing to his changed appearance — his newly-grown beard.

Handsomely and professionally framed.

Bouclet, Francis. “PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES.” Chromolithograph published 1861; A. Feusier, artist and lithographer. Approx. 20 x 25 in. incl. margins.