Lincoln’s Sons, Modern Photograph with Mary Lincoln’s Cousin, Lockwood Todd


An Intimate Family Portrait
Seldom Seen in the Marketplace

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Lincoln’s sons with Mary Lincoln’s cousin, Lockwood Todd.

This photo was originally taken in Brady’s gallery in 1861 and produced only as a carte de visite. This pose was most likely made for family members. It hardly ever arrives in the marketplace in its original state.

A warm family photo, Lockwood has mastered the “side eye” when it comes to Tad; and given the young man’s reputation it’s to be expected! Willie gazes at his second cousin, with a sense of admiration. Tad’s shoes are tied tight!

Lincoln’s Sons Modern Photograph. Digital Reprint made from original carte de visite photograph, made by Mathew Brady, circa 1861. Image 4 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, printed on 8″ x 1)” cream-colored stock.