Campaigns, Elections, Inaugurations

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  • Abraham Lincoln Candidate, Lincoln Campaign Songster, 1864

  • Lincoln Campaign Print, Hand-colored Lithograph

  • Lincoln Douglas Debates, The Campaign in Illinois, Pamphlet

  • David B. Williamson, Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln, Campaign Biography

  • Henry J. Raymond & John Savage, The Life of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois

  • Allan Pinkerton, History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln from Harrisburg, Pa. to Washington, D. C…

  • Abraham Lincoln, Gutzon Borglum bust, Modern-era Reproduction

  • Michael Fowler, Calling the Fleeting Breath, 1st ed., Signed

  • Lincoln Douglas Debates, 1st ed., 1st issue, inscribed

  • Sidney Blumenthal, A Self-Made Man, 1st ed., Signed on Bookplate

  • Abraham Lincoln, The Wigwam Edition, Campaign Biography, 1860

  • Lincoln Douglas Debates, The Political Debate Between Abraham Lincoln and Hon Stephen Douglas, 6th Ed.

  • Addresses on the Death of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, 1st ed.

  • Abraham Lincoln, Carte de Visite, O-17

  • Carl Sandburg, The Prairie Years & The War Years, 6 vols, Signed

  • Thayer and Eldridge, The Life and Public Service of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, Illinois, and Hon. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, 1st ed

  • Raymond, Henry J. & Savage, John, The Life of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois (Raymond) and The Life of Andrew Johnson (Savage)

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    Paul M. Angle, Here I Have Lived

  • Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-86, black & white

  • Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-10, albumen-toned

  • Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-26 black & white

  • Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-26 albumen-toned

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    Ted Widmer, Lincoln on the Verge, Signed Bookplate

  • Michael S. Green, Lincoln and the Election of 1860, 1st ed.

  • Thomas Horrocks, Lincoln’s Campaign Biographies, 1st ed.

  • Michael Burlingame, Lincoln and the Civil War, 1st ed.

  • John Nicolay & John Hay, Abraham Lincoln: A History, True 1st Ed.

  • Richard Grant White, Book of the Prophet Stephen, Son of Douglas

  • Ron Keller, Lincoln and the Illinois Legislature, 1st ed.

  • Sidney Blumenthal, All the Powers of Earth, 1st ed., Signed