Equestrian Portraits Of Our Leading Generals – Print


Civil War Print Bright and Colorful Woodcut

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Equestrian Portraits of Our Leading Generals, featuring the Union Generals, featuring the celebrated Generals of the moment; including Ulysses S. Grant.

 This brilliantly hand-colored woodcut perfectly illustrates the Civil War as it was perceived in the North early in 1862.

Front and center is the new Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton.  The fact that the copyright pre-dates Stanton’s promotion to secretary of war by twenty days shows the hurried pace of fast-changing events. H. H. Lloyd neglected to update his copyright.

The most celebrated generals of that day, and the men the public expected to win the war, are prominently placed at the top, and included are Franz Siegel & Ormsby Mitchell, along George B. McClellan.  Western generals are added, but consigned to the bottom, where U. S. Grant peaks out from behind H. W. Halleck.

Usual toning of paper present, with light chipping at extremities, including slight loss, and creasing.  Previous framing has slightly damaged the edges.  The ink coloring is particularly vivid, especially in the blue of the uniforms and the burgundy of the saddle blankets.

A spectacular and evocative large-format broadside.

Lloyd, H. H. Equestrian Portraits of Our Leading Generals NY: 1861.  Woodcut engraving, hand-colored, 37″ x  28 1/4″ approximate.