Ferdinand Delannoy, Lincoln Receives the Comanche Indians, Lithograph


Lincoln Receives the Comanche Indians

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Offering Ferdinand Delannoy’s lithograph, Lincoln Recevant Les Indiens Comanches; Lincoln Receives the Comanche Indians.

President Lincoln, in the East Room of the White House, receives a delegation of Comanche chieftains (other Native American tribes were also present). The meeting on which this print was based took place on 27 March 1863; the Comanche delegation was led by Pricked Forehead and Ten Bears.

“This rare print appeared in France, where the European fascination with the American Indian was still strong.” — H. Holzer.

The East Room is well depicted, with its frescoing and the  glittering chandelier that dated from Andrew Jackson’s time.  The Native Americans are highlighted with bold, bright colored clothing.  Strangely, Lincoln is a bit foreshortened; being in the middle of the image, he’s still dominated by the two Indians.

Excellent; colors bright.  Quite scarce, especially in this splendid condition.

Delannoy, Ferdinand (1822-1882).  Hand-Colored Lithograph.  LINCOLN RECEVANT LES INDIENS COMANCHES (Lincoln Receives the Comanche Indians.)  Paris:  Imp Ch. Chardonaine___(c1863).  6-5/8 x 4-3/4 inches (sight), full margins, matted.