Francis F. McKinney, Education In Violence, paperback


The Life of George H. Thomas

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Long out-of-print, the Americana House edition of McKinney’s Education in Violence: The Life of George H. Thomas and the History of the Army of the Cumberland includes a New Introduction by John S. Peterson.

Written with perception and understanding, this was the first exhaustive biography of “The Rock of Chickamauga” and remains relevant. Thomas here emerges as a man of courage and dignity, strength and humility. Long unappreciated, McKinney restores the stature denied him by the Grant legend. Includes an extensive map detailing the entire theatre of operation for the Army of the Cumberland, which when folded fits conveniently inside the back of the book.

Paperback; as new.

McKinney, Francis F. EDUCATION IN VIOLENCE: THE LIFE OF GEORGE H. THOMAS AND THE HISTORY OF THE ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND. Chicago: (c 1961; 1997). 1st paperback ed. in stiff wrappers, 530p., ft., illus., maps, map insert.