Franklin B. Mead, Heroic Statues in Bronze of Abraham Lincoln


Lincoln, As Hero, Cast in Bronze

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Franklin Mead’s Heroic Statues in Bronze of Lincoln, was produced by the Lincoln National Life Foundation. The book tells the story of the bronze statues of Lincoln (up to its publication date of course!); where they are and how they came to be.

The book provides special focus on Paul Manship’s The Hoosier Youth; from commission to installation. The Lincoln National Life Foundation commissioned Manship’s bronze statue for their headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN in 1928, with the dedication taking place in 1932. Manship was an important part of the Art Deco movement. He is also the sculptor of the Prometheus statue in Rockefeller Center in New York, NY.

Excellent; both attached paper titles on spine and front board are unusually excellent, too.  Quite scarce. 

Mead, Franklin B.  HEROIC STATUES IN BRONZE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN:  INTRODUCING THE HOOSIER YOUTH OF PAUL MANSHIP.  Ft. Wayne:  Lincoln National Life Foundation, 1932.  93 pages.