George E. Bissell, The Emancipator, Bronze Statuette, Signed, 8 1/2″


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George Bissell’s Standing Lincoln statuette is fashioned from hollow-cast bronze. It is modeled after Bissell’s life-sized Lincoln Emancipation Group in Edinburgh, Scotland, dedicated in 1893 and later replicated at Clermont, Iowa, c1903. Three desktop versions of this full-figure Lincoln were subsequently produced by Bissell at the famous Gorham Company foundry of New York, this being the middle size.

One of the best features of this statue is the way the Emancipation Proclamation is rendered. Words are very clearly incised, along with the solid “A. Lincoln” on the base. Even the seal on the Emancipation Proclamation is clearly decipherable! The piece illustrates sculptor’s knack for presenting his subjects in a compelling yet delicately accomplished manner. With its rich, dark-brown patina, this striking — even heroic — statuette is remarkably stirring in its “presence.”

A perfect size for a desk. There are other sizes available. 

Bissell, George Edwin (American; 1839-1920) Hollow-cast Bronze Statuette of Lincoln: The Emancipator.  8-1/2″ tall, on 3/8″base, which bears the small incised sculptor’s name “Geo E. Bissell/” Circa 1898; “Gorham Co.”foundry mark with item number “0488.”The scroll is titled “Emancipation Proclamation,” then has markings representing writing, and at the end the signature “A. Lincoln”. Produced in the desirable “lost wax” method.