Grace Coolidge, Autograph Letter, Signed, with Envelope Addressed in her Hand


Grace Coolidge, A Gracious Hostess


Grace Coolidge writes and signs a three-page letter to a guest about arranging a visit.

In part: Dear Molly K. (Mrs. Edwin Shuman)- The cars can meet any train that you say — it really doesn’t make a bit of difference so you just take any train down from New York…” There is much more about accommodations, duration, etc. The letter provides insight into the welcoming Coolidge lifestyle at the White House.

University of Vermont holds 154 letters between Grace and “Molly K.”  Mary Angela Keegan Shuman lived in Boston and Marblehead, Massachusetts. Her husband, Edwin A. Shuman, owned a clothing store in downtown Boston. Mary was a major fundraiser for Boston College. The letters include many thank-you notes for gifts.  Many of the longer letters reveal details about Grace’s daily life in the White House, family matters, and post-White House adjustments. The topics she wrote about most frequently were family, friends, and social obligations. Unfortunately, they do not reveal how Shuman came to know Grace Coolidge.

First page evenly toned, Usual folds, otherwise excellent.

Coolidge, Grace. ALs, on gilt-imprinted White House stationery. 2 1/2 pages, with THE WHITE HOUSE envelope addressed in her hand, bearing a CDS of 29 Oct 1928. Washington, Small quatro.