James A. Garfield, Autograph Document Signed, as GAR Commander-in-Chief


Garfield Signs a GAR Appointment for a Civil War Veteran

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James Garfield signs a document as White serving Commander-in-Chief of “The Army of the Boys in Blue,” a veterans organization being a subset of the G.A.R.  At this time, Garfield served in the U.S. House of Representatives, as a Congressman for Ohio.

Here Garfield appoints one Robert W. Healy, “a veteran who defended the Government during the late Rebellion” as a “General Commanding the Second Congressional District of Alabama with the rank of Brigadier General.” 

The antecedent of this organization came from the efforts of women on the home front who supported the “Boys in Blue” during the Civil War years. 

Garfield’s signature is boldly written in blue ink; an offset of the seal over his signature does not interfere.

Garfield, James A. (20th President; Civil War General)  Partly Printed Document, signed “J. A. Garfield.”  New York:  16 September 1875.  Oblong folio; 1p.; gold seal; patriotic war images at the top (eagle, drum, flags, rifles).