Abraham Lincoln, Folk Art Mourning Watercolor, framed


Mourning Lincoln Watercolor

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A watercolor painting of an African American man weeping at a monument to Abraham Lincoln. This watercolor engenders the grief many formerly enslaved people felt when Lincoln was assassinated. The simple and soulful image of a man, handkerchief in hand, even today brings a somber tone to the heart.

(Lincoln Mourning) Hand-Drawn Watercolor of a Freed Slave Mourning the Death of Lincoln. 10½ x 9 in., c. 1865.  Original period watercolor with a mourning border, being a touching image with a striking usage of colors.  A freedman mourns at Lincoln’s Tomb, that is topped by an urn bearing a Lincoln image. Drawn below: “ABRAHAM LINCOLN / OUR NATION HAS LOST ITS FATHER – 1809  – 1865.” This Schoolhouse style folk art is on manila paper, matted and handsomely framed to 16 x 15 in.  Excellent, w/ colors still vibrant.