Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph O-5 The Almanac Trial


Albumen-toned Modern 8 x 10 Photograph O-5



Abraham Byers, Beardstown, IL, 7 May 1858 O-5 This Abraham Lincoln Photograph features Lincoln around the time of the Duff Armstrong Almanac Trial. In fact, Lincoln bought this white suit for the murder trial. Lincoln used a then-unusual legal tactic called judicial notice to prove a witness wrong. Witness Charles Allen stated he clearly saw everything from 150 feet away because the moon was full.  Using an almanac, Lincoln proved the moon phase not at full the night of the murder.  Armstrong was acquitted on the first ballot and went on the serve in the Civil War, passing away in 1899.  The trial is noted on his tombstone. The subject of the trial would eventually become the movie Young Mr. Lincoln. 

Our Abraham Lincoln Photographs are created from period negatives or prints. In this case, the very early negative had some cracking and is missing a corner.

8 x 10, matte finish, our Lincoln Photographs are created from a period negative or print. They are printed on Ilford fiber-based paper. The paper has been discontinued, much to the chagrin of serious photographers everywhere.