Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-77, albumen toned, 11″ x 14″


The Gettysburg Lincoln, Large Format


Abraham Lincoln Modern, Digital Photograph; The Gettysburg Lincoln

This photograph was taken on 8 November 1863, eleven days before The Gettysburg Address. Hence it’s nickname of The Gettysburg Lincoln.

This photo occupies an important place in art history. In 1863, artist and sculptor Sarah Fisher Ames commissioned Gardner to make this portrait of Lincoln so she could work from it to create a bust of Lincoln. Prior to photography, subjects would have to sit for days, often making several visits to the studio over months in order for an accurate artistic rendering.

It is ironic that a photo produced strictly for “working purposes” would eventually become one of the most recognizable images of Abraham Lincoln.

The Sarah Fischer Ames sculpture produced with the help of this photograph was acquired by the United States in 1868; it resides in the U. S. Senate building. It has stunning clarity and emotional impact seldom seen in any Lincoln photograph.

Modern 11 x 14 copy  print, Produced from an inter-negative taken from the Original Glass Negative. These prints are hand-printed and hand-toned, so there is some variance in tonality.