Edward J. Kempf, Abraham Lincoln’s Philosophy of Common Sense, 1st ed w/map


Psychobiography of Lincoln


Edward Kempf’s Abraham Lincoln’s Philosophy of Common Sense came at the end of a period that featured numerous “psychobiographies” of Lincoln and other great figures.

As a psychologist and researcher, Kempf brought unusual expertise to the subject and may have produced the best work of the class.  He analyzes Lincoln’s formative impressions and conditioning experiences as they helped to develop his mind and personality.

Produced in small numbers for academic purposes, this work is now quite scarce. Excellent in original slipcase.

Kempf, Edward J.  ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S PHILOSOPHY OF COMMON SENSE: AN ANALYTICAL BIOGRAPHY OF A GREAT MIND.  (New York: 1965).  1st edition, 3 vols. 1443p., frontispiece, illus., fold map.