Elmer Ellsworth, Hand-Colored Lithograph


Ellsworth “the Avenger” in Camp


Hand-colored lithograph featuring Elmer Ellsworth in uniform leaning on his sword. Behind is a soldier guarding few tents, one of which boasts an American flag. A caption on the bottom reads: “He who noteth even the fall of a sparrow will have some purpose even in the fate of one like me. Elmer.”

Colors are excellent; a few marginal tide marks, a couple just reaching, but not diminishing, Ellsworth’s image.

Ellsworth, Elmer.  Hand-Colored Lithograph.  COL. ELMER E. ELLSWORTH / 1st Regt. New York Fire Zouaves/Assassinated at the Capture of Alexandria, May 24th, 1861.  No place or publisher, circa 1861.  13″ x 17″ (sight); framed.

More on Ellsworth”¦

Born in Pennsylvania in 1837, Elmer Ellsworth moved to Springfield, IL in 1860, taking a job as a law clerk in Abraham Lincoln’s office. The young clerk and Lincoln became friends; truthfully more like family. When the president-elect moved to Washington in 1861, Ellsworth accompanied him. After Ellsworth was killed removing a Confederate flag from The Marshall House, Lincoln eulogized him as “the greatest little man I ever met”. After his death, Ellsworth’s body lay in state at the White House. The phrase, “Remember Ellsworth”, became a rallying cry and call to arms for the Union Army.