George S. Bryan, The Great American Myth paperback


The Classic Interpretation of Lincoln’s Assassination


George S. Bryan’s The Great American Myth is the classic interpretation of Lincoln’s assassination as a simple conspiracy, carried out by John Wilkes Booth acting on his own and dying in the Garret barn.

Bryan spent years studying and researching this neglected period in American History. In addition to undertaking a more thorough search of contemporary newspapers, Bryan had access to previously unknown and unused material, including the John T. Ford papers. Mr. Bryan was also fortunate to obtain first-hand information from two men who knew Booth, and a signed statement from Booth’s nephew who had never before spoken for publication.

Cover art includes a previously unpublished photograph of Lincoln’s funeral procession in Chicago. Noted authority William Hanchett provides an insightful essay, viewing the assassination through the eyes of Lincoln’s biographers since 1865.

An essential book for anyone interested in this event. This is an Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. reprint. As New.

Bryan, George S. THE GREAT AMERICAN MYTH. Chicago: (1995). 2nd ed., 2nd print., 436p., illus.