John W. Daniel, Life and Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis by Distinguished Men of his Time, 1st ed.


The First “Life of Jefferson Davis”

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John W. Daniel, Confederate War Veteran and Virginia Congressman brings us Life and Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis…,  the first “life” of Davis following his death the previous year. The first 99 pages follow Davis’ life.  The remainder are reminiscences by such luminaries as Lee’s aide Charles Marshall, ex-Confederate generals Fitzhugh Lee, John B. Gordon, and Joseph Wheeler, a Davis classmate, his war-time pastor, members of his cabinet, and others.  The book concludes with some addresses by Davis, press estimates, and messages of condolence.

Excellent; first owner’s bookplate, signature, and date.  Uncommon.

Daniel, John W., Hon.  LIFE AND REMINISCENCES OF JEFFERSON DAVIS BY  DISTINGUISHED MEN OF HIS TIME.  Baltimore:  R. H. Woodward & Co., 1890.  1st.; 490p.; frontis.; illustrations; t.e.g.