Jonathan White, My Day With Abe Lincoln, 1st ed, Signed on Bookplate


For Young Readers to Read, and for Reading Aloud


Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a terrible speller for his entire life? Or that kids teased him on his first day of school because he wore a sunbonnet? Or that he almost died several times when he was a child? Most people don’t know these things about our nation’s greatest president. But Lucy Millaway learns all about Lincoln when she travels back in time to the backwoods of Indiana in the 1820s. Join Lucy as she spends a day with young Abe and discovers fascinating stories and forgotten moments behind his remarkable rise to greatness!

We’ll let Allen Guelzo do the rest of the talking…

“My Day with Abe Lincoln is a refreshing combination of pure kids’ excitement and some pretty strict historical accuracy. But let my own grandchildren tell you: the illustrations are great and so are the stories of Lincoln’s childhood—‘especially the Shawnee story!’ Here’s the book which will fire a kid’s imagination about Lincoln and history—the same way my imagination was fired by an illustrated Lincoln book as a kid.”—Allen C. Guelzo, New York Times best-selling author and three-time winner of the Lincoln Prize.

Recommended for readers ages 6-10; parents and grandparents of all ages!

Jonathan White. My Day With Abe Lincoln. St. Louis, Reedy Press. 2024. 96p., as new, paperback. 

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