Keith Rocco, Defense of Little Round Top…, Lithograph, Remarque Ed., Framed


Little Round Top, With Handcrafted Drawing by Keith Rocco

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Rocco is known for his faithful representation of Victorian painting.

Thoroughly researched and meticulously detailed, the print depicts the desperate moments before Col. Joshua Chamberlain, told to hold the ground at any hazard, orders a bayonet charge into the Confederates storming their position. “Every tree was utilized”¦the cartridge boxes were pulled around in front and left open; the cartridges were torn out and crowded into the smoking muzzles”¦with terrible rapidity. The steel rammers clashed and clanged in barrels heated with burning powder.” The fire-fight was terrific and the slaughter great.

Rocco makes us sense the ammunition failing and a moment of decision at hand. For a moment, your own memory extends back 159 years. You are on a rocky hill near Gettysburg. You are a part of the Twentieth Maine, fixing bayonets in a last- ditch effort to prevent the envelopment of the Union left flank.

A warehouse flood destroyed the bulk of the prints produced. Less than 120 remained!

Excellent condition; includes with an historical brief by Civil War historian Robert Girardi and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Rocco, Keith (Military and Historical Artist)  THE DEFENSE OF LITTLE ROUND TOP BY THE 20TH MAINE  JULY 2, 1863.  Color lithograph printed on quality, neutral PH art stock utilizing fade resistant inks.  Chicago: Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, 1988.  First Limited Printing with handcrafted remarque number “XI.”  23″ x 19”; handsomely matted and framed.