Keith Rocco, The Iron Duke: Wellington at Waterloo, Remarque Edition


Overlooking the Royal Horse Artillery

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Our shop was proud to publish renowned artist Keith Rocco’s first dozen signed limited edition prints. Represented in museums and private libraries throughout the nation, Rocco is known for his sensitive Victorian-style renderings of important battles. A small stock of remarque editions remain in our warehouse.

Each of these prints bears a margin illustration by Keith Rocco. Rocco has sketched the Tarleton Helmet, worn by the Royal Horse Artillery. These appear in the lower left corner; near his signature and the print number. This print depicts the Duke of Wellington overlooking his horse troops at the battle of Waterloo. Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, is famous for his adaptive defensive style of warfare, resulting in several victories against numerically superior forces while minimizing his own losses. He is regarded as one of the greatest defensive commanders of all time, and many of his tactics and battle plans are still studied in military academies around the world. Circa 1993,

The Iron Duke: Wellington at Waterloo; limited edition of 850; 20″ x 24.5″.  Signed by Keith Rocco.

These ship in a mailing tube.