Peter Cozzens, The Darkest Days of the War: The Battles of Iuka & Corinth, 1st Ed, Signed


Vivid Tale of Two Western Battles!

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Peter Cozzens’ The Darkest Days of the War introduced thousands of people to the little-known drama that played out in northeast Mississippi in the fall of 1862.

During the late summer of 1862, Confederate forces attempted a three-pronged strategic advance into the North. The outcome of this offensive – the only coordinated Confederate attempt to carry the conflict to the enemy – was disastrous. The results at Antietam and in Kentucky are well known; the third offensive, the northern Mississippi campaign, led to the devastating and little-studied defeats at Iuka and Corinth, defeats that would open the way for Grant’s attack on Vicksburg.

Peter Cozzens, noted author of several Civil War western campaign studies, here presents the first book-length study of these two complex and vicious battles. Drawing on extensive primary research, Cozzens details and analyzes troop movements down to the regimental level. He also provides compelling portraits of Generals Grant, Rosecrans, Van Dorn, and Price, exposing the ways in which their clashing ambitions affected the outcome of the campaign. 

Finally, he draws out the larger, strategic implications of the battles of Iuka and Corinth, exploring their impact on the fate of the northern Mississippi campaign, and by extension, the fate of the Confederacy.

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Cozzens, Peter. THE DARKEST DAYS OF THE WAR: THE BATTLES OF IUKA AND CORINTH. Chapel Hill: (1997). 1st edition, 448p., illustrations, maps.