Robert Anderson, Autograph Letter, Signed


Anderson Seeks a Military Placement for His Nephew

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Robert Anderson writes a letter to to General Scott, through his ADC, seeking a military placement for his nephew, Lt. T. M. Anderson – “of excellent character and…a very commendable ambition to serve his country.”  But Uncle Anderson himself wishes to be “relieved from duty” from poor health – he had precarious health after receiving battle wounds during the Mexican War.

Anderson became a national hero after (unsuccessfully) defending Fort Sumter from the initial Confederate attack that began the Civil War.  He was personally promoted a brigadier general by Abraham Lincoln just 15 days before the present letter was penned; Anderson was then on a tour of the North to aid military recruitment.

In full:

“My Nephew Lt. T. M. Anderson will hand you this.  He goes on to report for duty with his Regt. 22 [2nd US] Cavalry.  He is a young man of excellent character and as he has a very commendable ambition to serve our country, I hope that you shall make a good soldier of him.  I do not hand him a letter to my friend the General because I know that if the Genl. can see him you will introduce him.

My Doctors have spoken to me very plainly about the absolute necessity for my avoiding all excitement and have advised me to ask to be relieved from duty.

Present my affect(ions) to the Genl.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Anderson 

Excellent condition; usual folds.  


Anderson, Robert, Autograph Letter, signed “Robert Anderson U.S.A.”  Cincinnati, Ohio:  30 May 1861.  8vo.; 2p.  To Col. G. W. Cullum in Washington, D.C., (Aid de Camp to Gen. Winfield Scott).

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