Zachary Taylor & MIllard Fillmore, Electoral Ticket


Taylor & Fillmore, the Last of the Whigs

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An Electoral Ticket for the 1848 Election, featuring the candidates Zachary Taylor for president and Millard Fillmore for Vice President. Taylor would succumb to cholera morbus on July 9, 1850; Fillmore assumed the presidency at that time. Name of “Thos. D Brown” written in ink on verso. 


(Electoral Ballot – 1848 Election) Taylor, Zachary & Fillmore, Millard.  STATE OF VIRGINIA. / HE PEOPLES TICKET/ 1 NOVEMBER 1848 “¦ ZACHARY TAYLOR OF LOUISIANA “¦ MILLARD FILLMORE OF NEW YORK”¦.  3-7/8″ X 6-1/2″