Books Signed by Other Presidents & First Ladies

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  • William H. Harrison, A Voyage to South America, Book, Signed

  • Michelle Obama, Becoming, Deluxe Ed., Signed

  • Woodrow Wilson, The History of the American People, Documentary Edition, Signed

  • Charles G. Dawes, Notes as Vice President 1928-1929, Inscribed and Signed to the Prince of Wales

  • James Buchanan, Signature in Book from his Law Library

  • Herbert Hoover, A Boyhood In Iowa, Ltd Ed., Signed

  • Franklin Roosevelt, Signature in Book, with Comment

  • Franklin Roosevelt, Peter Parley, Tales About Europe, Asia, Africa and America, Signed

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, Crusade in Europe, Signed

  • Herbert Hoover, Agricola, Georgicus. De Re Metallica…, Signed, Facsimile ed.

  • Gerald Ford, The Churchill Lecture, Signed, ltd ed.

  • Herbert Hoover, Principles of Mining, 1st Ed., Signed

  • Millard Fillmore, Thirteenth Annual Report – Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, pamphlet Signed

  • Gordon Rhea, On To Petersburg, 1st ed., Signed