Abraham Lincoln, Document Signed, Naval Appointment


A Naval Appointment for a siege of Port Hudson Sailor

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Abraham Lincoln signs a Naval appointment for Edwin M. Shepard as Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.

Shepard, a decorated sailor for the Union in the Civil War, served on numerous ships including the celebrated ironclad gunboat Essex during the Siege of Port Hudson, which lasted 48 days, becoming the longest siege in US military history up to that point.  From May 21 to July 9, 1863, Union General Nathaniel P. Banks besieged Major General Franklin Gardner’s small command at Port Hudson, one of the last strongholds on the Mississippi River. The Confederate forces eventually surrendered on July 9th, giving Federal control to the entire Mississippi River thus cutting the Confederacy in half.  For his role, Shepard received a letter of commendation from General Richard Arnold, General Banks’ Chief of Artillery. 

Excellent; usual folds; one lt. stain.  

Lincoln, Abraham (1809–1865). Engraved Document Signed as President (“Abraham Lincoln”).  Washington, DC: 21 December 1864.   Countersigned by Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy.  Folio(483 x 406 mm); 1p. on vellum, accomplished in manuscript, original embossed orange paper seal, docketed in manuscript.