Abraham Lincoln, Modern Photograph, O-86, black & white


Black & White, Modern 8 x 10 Print O-26


The “Solitary Pine” photo of Lincoln, so called from an observation made by Francis Grierson, upon seeing Lincoln at the Lincoln Douglas Debates. Lincoln, he said, “rose from his seat, stretched his long, bony limbs upwards as if to get them in working order and stood like some solitary pine on a lonely summit.”

On the day this photograph was created, Lincoln also submitted a treaty with the Chippewa Native Americans to the Senate and wrote a personal thank-you note to Mrs. Ester Stockton. In her 84 years of life, she had knitted around 300 pairs of socks for soldiers.

Our Lincoln Photographs are created from a period negative or print.

(Lincoln, Abraham) Mathew Brady, Washington, January 8, 1864; O-86 black and white 8 x 10, matte finish.