Abraham Lincoln, Modern Salt Photograph, O-71d


See Lincoln’s Fly!

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Abraham Lincoln contemporary salt photograph, 20th Century creation of Lincoln’s first sitting with Alexander Gardner; 9 August 1863.

Derived from the original collodion wet-plate glass negative, this is an salt print of the Lincoln photograph, Ostendorf #71d.

These are select artist’s proofs taken directly off the original collodion wet-plate glass negative.  It is derived from a cdv-sized glass plate, the only surviving negative from Alexander Gardner’s first sitting of Lincoln on 9 August 1863 ““ in the imperial size for which Gardner was known.

Look closely and you will see a fly that landed on Lincoln’s trouser leg.  For the first time we can read the newspaper’s masthead and date, and clearly view the leathery quality of Lincoln’s hand on the paper.  This photograph has a clarity and richness that can only be produced from an original early wet-plate.

Gardner, Alexander. Abraham Lincoln. Salt Photograph, Contemporary Reproduction, O71d; Derived from the original collodion wet plate glass negative, c1998. 14″ x 15″, artist’s proof, ltd ed. of 8.