Adin Baber, Nancy Hanks of Undistinguished Families: Second Families, Signed


Aiden Baber’s Scarce Source of
Genealogical Lincolniana


Adin Baber’s Nancy Hanks of Undistinguished Families: Second Families, Signed. B

aber was a descendant of the Hanks family, and a relation to Lincoln.  This item is a mimeographed typescript produced by Mrs. C. Gerald Brann, of Bloomington, and is bound in blue boards similar to the 1960 book.

The volume is inscribed and signed by Baber to Lincoln scholar and collector James Hickey, and includes interesting personal letters and notes discussing, among other things, fence rails then still existing on Baber’s farm that were split by the “Hanks Boys,” and perhaps Lincoln, in the 1830’s.

Included are ephemeral materials including an errata sheet bearing Baber’s handwritten notes, and separate index pages. All of this was used to print the book. This rare pre-publication copy of an important volume of Lincolniana is a one-of-a-kind example of a scarce source of genealogical Lincolniana.

Baber, Adin. NANCY HANKS OF “UNDISTINGUISHED FAMILIES: SECOND FAMILIES.” Bloomington, Indiana: 1959. Privately printed by the author, 367p.