Bill Mauldin, Veterans for Stevenson Brochure, Signature


Willie & Joe Make a Rare Post-War Appearance

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Bill Mauldin was a Co-Chairman (so stated on the brochure) for Veterans-for-Stevenson and, for this brochure produced two Willie & Joe cartoons. The front bears Mauldin’s rendition of Eisenhower’s “I Like Ike” button, with “I Like Stevenson” with an image of his beloved PFC, on which Mauldin has inscribed “To Henry/Bill Mauldin.”

Very good +, with only minor edge wear.  Colors bright and crisp.

Mauldin, Bill (Cartoonist; knows for Willie & Joe, the WWII Cartoon Icons). Signed on Printed Campaign brochure for Adlai Stevenson. Chicago: 1952.